University of Groningen, the Netherlands

Semester 1:
Studying Media in Everyday Life

Semester 2:

Research Seminar Digital Cultures (Course Coordinator)
Theory Seminar Digital Cultures (Course Coordinator)
Imagining the Digital (Course Coordinator)
Thinkers and Theories: The Anthropology of Media
Research Seminar Media Studies: Smartphone Research

Thesis Courses:
BA Thesis Media Studies
MA Thesis Media Studies (Datafication and Digital Literacy; Social Media and Society; Media Creation and Innovation)

Previously taught courses:

University of Groningen, the Netherlands

Media Platforms and Industries I+II
Analyzing Media Production and Use
Technology and Creative Disruption
Research Seminar Media Studies: Digital Ethnography

University of British Columbia, Canada

Applied Anthropology: Visual Culture and New Media
Visual Anthropology and New Media

Concordia University, Canada

Peoples and Cultures of Oceania